The Booth

             Get ready for a fun and modern twist to everyones favorite classic…The Photo Booth


Gone are those dark black curtains.

Gone is that incredibly uncomfortable bench.

Gone is the feeling of being in a clown car as you try and squish
20 of your closest in to what is bound to be a landmark pic!

Our photo booth is clean, sleek, and dare we say…sexy!  With it’s open-style setup you can practically fit as many people in there as you can muster.  There’s a touch screen display.  It prints in seconds.   And the photos…High resolution, all uploaded to our Facebook page where you can download them. From there, you can share to your hearts content.  Facebook…check!  Pinterest…check!  Tinder…you shouldn’t be on there anyways.  Customizable branding is available for prints, so send us your logos or corporate event sponsors!